Alabama Abortion Laws

Code Section
13A-13-7; 26-21-1 to 8; 22-5

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion
Willfully administers by drug, substance, instrument which induces abortion or miscarriage. Partial Birth Abortion (26-23-1 to 26-23-6): Any physician who performs a partial birth abortion within this state and thereby kills a human fetus shall be guilty of a Class C felony and upon conviction shall be punished as prescribed by law. (except to save life of mother.)

Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion
Necessary purpose to preserve life, health of mother or where fetus is not viable

Fine of $100 to $1,000 and imprisonment to 12 months; abortion of viable fetus: Class A felony; violation of regulations concerning abortion procedures: Class C felony

Written consent of parent or guardian to perform abortion on unemancipated minor or judicial waiver of consent


Abortion of viable fetus must be performed by a physician, in a hospital, with concurrence of 2nd licensed physician as to viability