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Colorado Abortion Laws

Code Section
18-6-101 to 105

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion
Unlawful termination of pregnancy is terminating a pregnancy by any means other than birth or a medical procedure, instrument, agent, or drug, which the pregnant woman (or her authorized health care agent) consented to and obtained.

Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion
Intentional ending of pregnancy by licensed physician using accepted medical procedures and as required, with appropriate consent. Continuation of pregnancy likely to result in death or permanent physical or mental impairment of mother, or child born with grave mental or physical retardation, or within first 16 weeks of pregnancy and pregnancy result of sexual assault or incest. Court declared unconstitutional, but not repealed

Unlawful termination of pregnancy penalties vary by degree.

There is no spousal consent requirement, so a woman can get an abortion without telling her spouse. However, girls under 18 must get the permission of at least one parent, guardian, or other adult relative she lives with before getting an abortion.


Licensed physician using accepted medical procedures in a hospital licensed by Dept. of Public Health and Environment

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