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Michigan Abortion Laws

Code Section
MCL 750.14; MCL 722.901 et seq.; MCL 333.17016

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion
Drug, substance, instrument, or device employed with intent to terminate pregnancy for a purpose other than to increase probability of a live birth, to preserve the health of the child, or to remove a dead fetus. Partial Birth Abortion: Unlawful except to save the life of a mother endangered by physical illness, physical injury, or physical disorder when no other medical procedure will suffice

Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion
After viability, when necessary to preserve life of mother

Felony: fine to $2,000 and/or imprisonment to 4 years; if mother dies, manslaughter, fine to $7,500 and/or imprisonment to 15 years; violation of parental consent requirement is a misdemeanor

No abortion may be performed on minor without her consent and that of one parent or guardian except in medical emergency; court may waive parental consent if minor is mature and well-informed so as to be able to make the decision, or waiver is in minor’s best interest

Requirements apply even if minor is not resident


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