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New York Abortion Laws

Code Section
Penal §125.05, §125.20, §125.40-60; Pub. Health §4164

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion
(1) Failure to meet standards for legal abortion; (2) if causes mother to die; (3) if not within first 24 weeks; (4) administering or taking drugs or any other manner with intent to cause a miscarriage

Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion
Within first 24 weeks or necessary to preserve mother’s life; if mother performs abortion it must be on the advice of M.D. within the first 24 weeks or to preserve her own life

If not justifiable abortional act and after 24 wks., Class E or D felony; if woman dies from act, Class B felony; self-abortion or issuing abortion articles, Class B or A misdemeanor

No parental involvement requirement.


Licensed M.D.; after 12th wk., must be in hospital on in-patient basis. After 20th wk., 2nd M.D. must be present to handle medical care of any live birth

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