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North Carolina Abortion Laws

Code Section
14-44 to 46; 90-21.6 to 90-21.10

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion
Willfully administer to mother, prescribe, advise, procure substance or instrument with intent to destroy child or procure miscarriage

Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion
First 20 weeks of pregnancy no medical requirements regarding mother or fetus; after 20 weeks, must be substantial risk that would threaten life, health of mother

Class H felony: Fine and/or imprisonment up to 10 years; Class I felony: Fine and/or imprisonment up to 5 years; Class 1misdemeanor for failing to obtain parental consent

Unemancipated minor needs written consent plus written consent of parent/guardian, exception for medical emergency or judicial waiver


Licensed M.D., licensed hospital or clinic

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