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Ohio Abortion Laws

Code Section
2919.11 to 18

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion
(1) Failure to obtain informed consent; (2) taking life of fetus born alive or failing to provide reasonable medical attention to same; after viability, purposeful termination of a human pregnancy by any person, including the mother herself, with the intention other than to produce a live birth or remove a dead fetus

Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion
Performed or induced by a physician who determines in good faith that the fetus is not viable or to prevent the death or serious bodily injury of the pregnant woman

Violators guilty of unlawful abortion: first degree misdemeanor; second violation: fourth degree felony; purposely terminating child born alive or failing to take measures to save its life: guilty of abortion manslaughter, first degree felony

Informed consent of mother; if mother is unemancipated minor, parental informed consent also required with 24 hrs. “actual notice”; court may authorize minor to consent without parental notification; other family members over 21 may issue consent if minor in danger of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from parent; constructive notice (of at least 48 hrs.) by both certified and ordinary mail allowed if parents or family members cannot be reached with reasonable effort


Licensed physician

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