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Wyoming Abortion Laws

Code Section
35-6-101 to 118

Statutory Definition of Illegal Abortion
(1)Any procedure after viability that is not “necessary,” (2) M.D. who intentionally terminates viability of unborn fetus during legal abortion; (3) use of other than accepted medical procedures, other than licensed M.D. (including pregnant woman) performs act, procedure, prescription administered to produce premature expulsion, removal, or termination of fetus except when continuation of pregnancy threatens fetus’s viability; (4) using public funds for abortion other than those resulting from incest or sexual assault

Statutory Definition of Legal Abortion
After viability, necessary to preserve health, life of mother according to appropriate medical judgement

M.D. aborting viable fetus, use of other than accepted medical procedures, person other than M.D. performing abortion: felony, imprisonment up to 14 years

Unemancipated Minor’s written consent and one of minor’s parents must have written notification 48 hours before abortion; M.D. must have minor’s and one parent’s consent or court order; minor can petition court to waive parental consent. Consent not required for an emergency.


Licensed M.D.

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